For Researchers

The Maine Space Grant Consortium supports education and research programs for researchers at our affiliate non-profit research laboratories and higher education institutions.  Our goals are to:

  1. Strengthen the Affiliate’s STEM research capacity in areas mutually beneficial to NASA and Maine
  2. Increase participation of Maine undergraduate and graduate students in STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) research conducted by the Affiliates and NASA field centers

NASA research priorities are defined by the Mission Directorates (Aeronautics Research, Human Exploration & Operations, Science, and Space Technology), and NASA’s ten Centers. Each Mission Directorate and Center covers a major area of the Agency’s research and technology development efforts.

MSGC GRANT PROPOSAL GUIDELINES:  Researchers and faculty proposing to our programs should download and review MSGC Grant proposal guidelines update 9_2018 A summary of MSGC and NASA’s goals, objectives and research priorities for each of the Mission Directorates and NASA Centers are included in these guidelines.


Writeable forms to download

LOI –  Letter of Intent  template here – For All Programs requiring a LOI

Appendix B Cover Page – For EPSCoR RID Program

Appendix C Project Summary – For EPSCoR RID Program

Appendix D Budget Summary – For EPSCoR RID Program


Don’t forget to visit our EPSCoR page for the most recent updates and solicitations


Faculty Research Seed Grant Program (FRSG)

Collaboration With Minority Serving Institutions Program (CMSI)