NASA and Maine In-State Internship Opportunities for Summer 2022

MSGC is pleased to announce that our two Internship Programs for Undergraduate Students attending a Maine College or University is open!

NASA Internship opportunities provide students with a NASA mentored (virtual or in-person), 10-week summer experience.

Our In-State internship opportunities provide students with a professional STEM mentored (virtual or in-person), 10-week summer experience working in a research or technology company in Maine.

See program announcement and application information guidelines to apply to this program. A letter of intent is due to our NASA internship program no later than February 4, 2022.  A full application package is due under our Maine In-State Internship Program by February 4, 2022

The purpose of MSGC’s Internship Programs is to provide Maine undergraduate students with a 10-week summer research opportunity with NASA or an in-state company working alongside mentors in STEM research or technology-based projects. With this program support, students will actively participate in a viable research project with NASA and other professional mentors and be paid a stipend.

Visit our program page for more information.
Good luck to all!