Maine teachers attend the Math and Science through Engineering (MSTE) Project’s inaugural summer institute held at the Maine Maritime Academy in Castine

Congratulations to all the teachers who attended the Math and Science through Engineering (MSTE) project’s inaugural summer institute held at the Maine Maritime Academy in Castine. The institute modeled utilizing an engineering design problem as the centerpiece of learning while working in collaborative teams.

Fifteen K-8 teachers from schools across Maine worked in collaborative teams to design a model boat hull that would achieve the highest terminal velocity and reach it sooner in a test track. Determining how to best describe the motion of their boats was the critical first step. Using ticker tape timers, teams collected and analyzed baseline performance data for a simple block-shaped hull. They then tested several variables, in isolation, to examine the effect of particular hull modifications including differing bow angles, stern shapes and hull surfaces. Hull performance data for each of the variables was pooled and graphed and used to inform hull redesign decisions by teams.

Teachers had an opportunity to share their expertise with others across the MSTE project and consider how they would apply their learning in their own elementary and middle school classrooms.

The MSTE project is funded through the Maine Department of Education’s Math-Science Partnership program.  The summer institute in part, was funded by the Maine Space Grant Consortium, a MSTE project partner

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