FY2021 Maine NASA EPSCoR Research Competition

The Maine NASA EPSCoR Program is soliciting research proposals in anticipation of the release of the FY 2021 NASA Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN) announcement.  NASA EPSCoR competitions are aimed at emerging researchers or established researchers who wish to pursue new research directions, for the development of projects, contacts and collaborations that will bring Maine researchers into the mainstream of NASA related research activity, thereby increasing their chances to successfully compete in the aerospace R&D marketplace.  The emphasis of the NASA EPSCoR competition is infrastructure/capacity building and not to continue existing projects and collaborations.

This solicitation provides potential applicants a head start and ample time to prepare and submit their proposals to the MSGC and its Maine NASA EPSCoR Technical Advisory Committee for review.  We expect that there will be an opportunity for Maine to submit one Research Group proposal for potential funding under this CAN. Once the official NASA release is issued, there will be a 90-day window prior to the deadline for submission to NASA.  Potential applicants will be informed when the official CAN is released and of any adjustment to the proposal due date to MSGC.

All interested faculty groups at Maine institutions of higher education and not-for-profit research institutions are invited to submit proposals to the Maine EPSCoR Program in anticipation of the FY 2021 CAN release.  An employee of a for-profit company is not eligible to be an applicant in a NASA EPSCoR proposal but may be an active collaborator as a co-principal investigator or in another capacity. US citizenship is not an eligibility requirement.

You can download a copy of the early solicitation our website https://www.msgc.org/epscor/awards/

We require a letter of intent to be submitted by October 30, 2020.  Full proposals are due December 16, 2020.

Due dates and proposal requirements are subject to change due to changes in NASA’s schedule or requirements, and will be communicated immediately if/when we receive notification from NASA.
Please spread the news and distribute this announcement to your colleagues and other interested individuals.