Multi-Purpose Director’s Fund

Issue Date: Always open
Closing Date: Never closes

The Directors Fund is a multi-purpose fund that supports all priority areas (Research, Higher Education, Pre-college Education or Public Service).  The Fund responds to unanticipated events that meet all of the following criteria:

  • Cost is $500 or less
  • Immediate attention is required
  • A critical opportunity would be lost if not funded
  • Non-consortium funding is not available or is available but not sufficient
  • Timing prevents consideration by the Consortium through normal granting procedure
  • The activity constitutes a real opportunity to enhance the Consortium’s mission.

Individuals interested in the Director’s Fund should submit a letter outlining the purpose of the activity, how the request meets the Fund’s criteria for support, and a brief budget. Letters should be e-mailed to Jana Hall.

Full announcement (pdf format)