Funded NASA EPSCoR ISS Flight Opportunity Projects

FY 2014

“Joint Leak Detection and Localization Based on Fast Bayesian Inference from Network of Ultrasonic Sensors Arrays in Microgravity Environment”. Ali Abedi, Electrical and Computer and Engineering, University of Maine

Leaks causing air and heat loss are major source of concern in mission safety. This project involves development of a flight ready wireless sensor system based on recent NASA EPSCoR- funded structural health monitoring R&D activities at UMaine. The proposed system will be able to detect and localize leaks based on ultrasonic sensor array signals using a novel fast Bayesian inference technique. The proposed system test and verification in a microgravity environment is expected to expand knowledge of sensor system operations and performance degradations in outer space. Partners include the University of Maine (UMaine) Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and Mechanical Engineering (MEE) departments and NASA Johnson Space Center SC ISS Technology demonstration branch.