508 Compliance

Accessibility Information

The MSGC website is designed to be accessible to as wide an audience as possible. That includes people with less advanced devices, or people who need assistance viewing or reading these web pages.

This page describes in detail the accessibility features on our website. Please contact MSGC with any questions or feedback.

Section 508 Standards Compliant

The MSGC website is designed to comply with the U.S. government Section 508 regulations for accessibility. Specifically, the MSGC site is designed to be:

  • Compatible with screen reading devices that help the visually impaired
  • Compatible with a wide variety of free, modern, secure web browsers, including:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and 10
    • Mozilla Firefox (PC and Mac latest version)
    • Google Chrome (PC and Mac latest version)
    • Apple Safari (Mac latest version)
  • Legible and readable at different font sizes and screen resolutions, allowing people to easily use browser font controls to change the size and layout of the site.

Printing Pages

You may notice the site doesn’t look exactly the same when you print it as it does on your computer screen- that is intentional. The pages of the MSGC website are specially designed to be more legible when printed, and to purposely not display certain images and/or graphics that may use more ink, more paper, and may make printed pages more difficult to read.